SISTEMA BEZOPASNOSTI (“System of Safety”) is the band that was founded by Vladimir Doronin (VlaD) and appeared with this name in Siberia in Tyumen city in 1993. During all the time of band’s existing this collective had recorded a few scores of albums and performed in a lot of Russian cities.

From the beginning of 2000 “System of Safety” is one of a few collectives in Russia who uses ideas and directions of Dark Folk in their creativity and life as well. Keeping independence and respect itself System of security makes it own world and reality with recording on their own label Heimdall Records.

The leitmotiv of the band’s creativity is a meditation about person’s fate, his motivations, freedom and eternity. Creativity of “System of Safety” is a allegorical search for Sacral Gravle – singular modern continuation of chivalrous heroic, trying of connection with traditions of our ancients for finding the way from deadlock of programming and desacrality of the modern industrial society.